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Welcome to the World of

Full Circle Theater

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It all began in our hearts and minds as co-conspirators to create a theater company focusing on the issues of diversity and social justice in our theater community and society today.  We recognize that these issues are broad and complex, multi-layered and interconnected, but we wanted to make our own start on this artistic path.  There was no time for procrastination!


With our widely different backgrounds and twenty years of working together in theater, we set out to invite other artists to form a Core Artists Circle that would lead this company into the future.  We were fortunate to have Lara Trujillo, Stephanie Lein Walseth, and James Austin Williams join us on this adventure.  So the five of us became the original core artistic leadership of the company.  We were then joined by Quinci Bachman as company intern, project manager, and now general manager.


With our broad range of experience and diversity, we set out to do theater that has a holistic approach to our art form and that looks deeply into the issues of our lives, our communities, and our society.  We want to be inclusive in our approach and offer an alternative vision of our society and the world.  We want to tell stories that don’t get enough exposure and understanding, stories looking at the way our society operates and how we can make it more equitable through offering different perspectives and commentary and living the creative process through the models we envision. 


We welcome you to join us on this journey of living the creative process that involves diverse and differing perspectives and experiences of our artists.  We aren’t waiting for someone else to make this change; we are living it and breathing life and energy into an inclusive process for creativity. 


We welcome you to join us in this endeavor to Be The Change!


— Core Artist Leadership Group