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Core Artist

Leadership Group

What is our Core Artist Leadership Group?

Full Circle uses a unique model of inclusive leadership that embodies our company’s Equity, Inclusion, Diversity-based mission: All of Full Circle's major artistic decisions are made collaboratively by our Core Artist Leadership Group, comprised of three Core Artists and the two Co-Artistic Directors, together representing diverse racial, ethnic, gendered, and other identities and communities. These artistic decisions are made using a consensus process.

In addition, Core Artists are given priority as artistic leaders of Full Circle theater projects, and as theater artists in Full Circle’s programming (as directors, actors, writers, etc.).

The current members of our Core Artist Leadership Group are Lara Trujillo, Rick Shiomi, Martha B. Johnson, Stephanie Lein Walseth and Ricardo Beaird

We've invited Ricardo to join our group for a One-Year Residency (2020-21) because of complex new perspectives he will offer, and because of Full Circle's core values to support emerging theater artists, to encourage intergenerational artistic collaboration, and to share the artistic vision and leadership of the company with artists of color.