The mission of Full Circle Theater is to produce heartfelt, groundbreaking theater that artfully addresses issues of diversity and social justice for 21st century audiences.


Core Values

We value theater that:

  • Is multiracial and multicultural in its representation of life.

  • Is deeply inclusive of artists of color who share in the artistic vision and leadership of the company.

  • Demonstrates a deep awareness of feminist perspectives, climate change, and the inclusion of artists of all abilities.

  • Incorporates intergenerational artistic collaboration.

  • Incorporates color conscious casting and diversity in the creative process.

  • Supports the development of emerging theater artists.

  • Powerfully engages diverse audiences and communities.

Types of theater that we do:

  • The creation of theater pieces based on diverse personal narrative.

  • Contemporary re-imaginings of classic plays that have the potential to explore contemporary issues, perspectives and narratives of diverse people.

  • The development of new plays and productions that focus on diverse perspectives and characters within a single work.

  • The production of already existing plays that exhibit diverse perspectives and characters within a single work.


  • Member, Minnesota Theater Alliance