Co-Artistic Director

Rick Shiomi

In his own words​...


About Rick Shiomi

Rick Shiomi has been a leader in Asian American theater for over thirty-five years, as a playwright, director and artistic director. He has written over twenty plays, including the award-winning ​Yellow Fever​, ​Mask Dance​ and ​Journey of the Drum.​ He has directed at Mu Performing Arts, InterAct Theatre in Philadelphia and the Asian American Theater Company in San Francisco. For Mu he has directed ​Into The Woods​ set in Asia, ​The Mikado​ set in Edwardian England (with Skylark Opera) and ​Yellow Face​ at the Dowling Studio of the Guthrie Theater. He was a co-founder of Mu Performing Arts and the artistic director there from 1993 to 2013. He directed ​Caught​ by Christopher Chen and ​You For Me For You b​y Mia Chung for InterAct Theatre, receiving Barrymore Award recommendations for both. He received the Sally Ordway Irvine Award for Vision in 2007, the Ivey Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2012 and the McKnight Distinguished Artist Award in 2015.