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Full Circle Theater’s Statement in the Wake Of George Floyd’s Death:

As an arts organization committed to equity, social justice, and multiracial representation, Full Circle Theater Company stands with the black community in calling for justice for the murder of George Floyd. Furthermore, we call for accountability of the police force, systemic change in the structures of our legal system, and recognition that Black Lives Matter.

We acknowledge that racism, white supremacy, and systemic injustice are the root causes of such heinous acts. These structures have been inherent in the fabric of the United States since its inception - in relationship to the black community, as well as indigenous communities, and all communities of color.

To all of the black and POCI artists who have been a part of the Full Circle family (and those who make up the broader theater and arts community, serve on boards, sit in audiences, and support the theater landscape) - we hear your anger and rage. We see your pain and grief. We understand its source. We bear witness to what you are enduring now and what you have endured for centuries. We stand with you.

We will continue to create and hold space to listen. We will continue to create, produce, and perform works that address racism in all its forms - institutional, systemic, historic, current, personal; as well as works that address the intersectional injustices against immigrant and refugee communities, the LGBTQ community, the disability community, and other marginalized and oppressed communities. We will continue to learn and grow, to let this most recent in a long line of injustices impact our hearts, minds, thinking, and artistry.

To our broader community, if you are looking to take action, here are some of the ways that you can do so. We thank Theater Mu for bringing these causes, events, and organizations to public attention, and we proudly share them here. If there are others you recommend that we add to this list, please let us know.


We will continue to work towards a Beloved Community in which equity and justice are truly made manifest.

With Care and Concern, Your Full Circle Family

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